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Principal Investigator

Jason P. Gleghorn, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical & Biological Engineering, Princeton University
Postdoctoral Fellow, Sibley School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University
Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University

Awards & Honors:
2015 ORAU Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award
2016 March of Dimes Basil O'Connor Starter Scholar Award
2017 BMES Cellular & Molecular Bioegineering Rising Star Award
2018 Young Innovator Award in Cellular & Molecular Bioegineering

Post-doctoral Research Associates

Robert McKee, Ph.D.
Ph.D. Biological Sciences
University of Notre Dame
    2018 Biomedical Entrepreneurship iTREP Fellow

Graduate Students

Ali Bozorgnezhad (MechE)
B.S. Shahid Chamran University

Andrew Brown (BME)
B.S. Lebanon Valley College
Patton Lab - LVC

Allyson Dang (Chem & Biochem)
B.S. George Washington University
Dowd Lab - GWU
    Chemistry & Biology Interface Fellow

Michael Donzanti (BME)
B.S. Rutgers University
Moghe Lab - Rutgers
    2018 Gore Fellow

Rachel Gilbert (BME)
B.S. Cornell University
M.Eng. Cornell University
Lammerding Lab - Cornell
    2015 Gore Fellow
    2016 NSF GRFP Honorable Mention
    2017 UD BME Graduate Student Rising Star Award
    2018 BMES Cellular & Molecular Bioengineering Graduate Student Shooting Star Award
    2018 UD BME Best Graduate Student Seminar Series Presentation Award
    2018 NIH F31 Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Brielle Hayward-Piatkovskyi (Biology)
B.A. University of Delaware
M.S. Southern Connecticut State University
Schwartz Lab - Yale School of Medicine
    Chemistry & Biology Interface Fellow

Catherine Millar-Haskell (BME)
B.S. Arizona State University
M.Eng. Arizona State University
Stabenfeldt Lab - ASU

Daniel Minahan (BME)
B.S. Northeastern University
Langer Lab - MIT
    2017 Gore Fellow
    2018 UD BME Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award

Saurabh Modi (BME)
B.S. Indian Insititue of Technology Bombay
M.S. Indian Insititue of Technology Bombay

Katie Nelson (ChemE)
B.S. University of Wyoming
Oakey Lab - U Wyoming
    Chemistry & Biology Interface Fellow

Jasmine Shirazi (BME)
B.S. Drexel University
M.S. Drexel University
Jain Lab - Drexel College of Medicine
    2016-18 SBEE IGERT Fellow
    2018 Biomedical Entrepreneurship iTREP Fellow


Lab Technicians

Mary Athanasopoulos (BME, 2019)
B.S. University of Delaware
Gleghorn Lab - UD
      Honors: Vince Baro Research Scholarship 2018

Senior Thesis Students

Mercedes Dayan (Biology & Neuroscience, 2019)
      Honors: UD Telkes Distinguished Scholar

Caitlin Grasso (BME, 2019)

Kaitlyn Krewson (BME, 2019)

Elizabeth Marcin (Biology & Neuroscience, 2019)

Isabel Navarro (ChemE 2019)
      Honors: UD Eugene DuPont Distinguished Scholar

Olivia Powell (MechE, 2019)
      Honors: UD Eugene DuPont Distinguished Scholar
                    McNair Scholar 2017-19
                    National Society of Black Engineers Conference 1st place in the Technical Research Poster Competition 2018

Laurel Schappell (BME, 2019)

Undergraduate Students

Isabel Carulli (BME, 2020)
      Honors: UD Telkes Distinguished Scholar
                    McNair Scholar 2018

Brea Chernokal (BME 2021)
      Honors: UD Eugene DuPont Distinguished Scholar

Rachel O'Sullivan (BME 2019), co-advised with Emily Day
      Honors: Vince Baro Research Scholarship 2018
                    UD Global Engineering Fellow 2018

Sienna Pyle (BME, 2020)
      Honors: UD Munson Fellow
                    McNair Scholar 2018

Visiting Student Researchers

Laura Barthold, Dartmouth College

Meibin Chen, Yale University

Amanda Dang, University of Michigan

Diana Renteria, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

High School Student Researchers (UD K12 Internship Program)

Lauren Mottel: Padua Academy (class of 2019), Summer 2018

Sunil Narayan: Wilmington Charter (class of 2019), Summer 2018

Isaac Scarborough: Appoquinimink High School (class of 2020), Summer 2018


Joshua Morgan, Ph.D. (Postdoc 2014-2017) Currently Assistant Professor of Bioengineeering, University of California Riverside

Erica Comber (BME, 2017) Senior Thesis; Currently Carnegie Mellon University BME (Ph.D. program)
      Honors: Mid-Atlantic Graduate Program Fair Best Overall Poster Award 2015
                    UD BME Distinguished Junior Award 2016
                    Brad and Jennifer Bono Entrepreneurial Leadership Award 2017

Peter Sariano (BME, 2017), Senior Thesis; Currently University of California Davis BME (Ph.D. program)
      Honors: UD BME Distinguished Sophomore Award 2015
                    Mid-Atlantic Graduate Program Fair Poster Session II Best Science Award 2015
                    UD Senior Thesis Winter Session Fellow 2017 [only four named university-wide]
                    NSF GRFP Fellowship 2017

Zachary Sexton (BME & Public Policy, 2018), Senior Thesis; Currently Stanford University BioE (Ph.D. program)
      Honors: UD 1743 Distinguished Scholar
                    UD BME Distinguished Sophomore Award 2016
                    UD BME Distinguished Junior Award 2017
                    Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mention 2017
                    Donald W. Harward Senior Thesis Winter Session Fellow 2018 [only four named university-wide]
                    UD Alexander J. Taylor Sr. Award 2018
                    NSF GRFP Fellowship 2018

Elizabeth Soulas (BME, 2016) Senior Thesis; Currently University Of Pennsylvania Dental School (Joint M.S. Bioengineering/D.D.S.)
      Honors: Donald W. Harward Senior Thesis Winter Session Fellow 2016 [only four named university-wide]
                    Mathew Maguire Celebration of Life Memorial Award 2016
                    AAUP UD Chapter undergraduate student award

Brian Chambers (Animal Biosciences, 2017) Lab Technician/Postbaccalaureate Researcher; Currently Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M. program)

Chloe Frantz: Newark High School (class of 2018) UD K12 Internship, Summer 2017 and AY17-18; currently Johns Hopkins University BME

Eva Gatune: Polytech High School (class of 2016) UD K12 Internship, Summer 2015; currently Xavier University of Louisiana HSBC Biology & BME

Rohan Narayan: Wilmington Charter (class of 2016) UD K12 Internship, Summer 2015; currently University of Delaware ChemE

Julia Pelesko: Sanford School (class of 2017) UD K12 Internship, Summer 2016 and AY16-17; currently Case Western Reserve University BME & Math